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Boots on the ground Marketing

Be bold and be successful

The face of medicine has seen a drastic change, reimbursements have been slashed and patients with good PPO insurance have become few and far between. This is not to say that  patients with good benefits have totally disappeared, but a better method of attracting them to you practice must be deployed.

At The Sheldon Group our key to maximizing payor mix is to put you in front of physicians who still have those patients.

Imagine how effective you would be if your were engaged in a friendly conversation with a very busy referring physician in his office. Its probably what you did when you first started your practice or what you would do today if you had more free time.

Our team sets up the meetings with physicians that we  already have a good relationship with so we able to target referral sources that would be a good fit for you and your practice. After the initial meeting we follow up with the targeted physician and their staff and will continue to do so until the referral pattern changes and the patients are now coming to you.